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Kerosene expands its operations on the North Shore

April 23, 2019

While remaining very active in the Greater Montreal area, with close to 200 annual recruitments of accounting and finance resources, we are proud to announce the opening of our first satellite office in Boisbriand. The opening of this satellite office aims to get closer to the communities in order to better adapt to the reality of urban sprawl, as well as to the strong economic and demographic growth of the suburbs.

Positioning ourselves in the field of responsible recruitment, our pride

Far beyond the simple recruitment of candidates, our work methods prioritize responsible recruitment. We wish to put forward the human being behind each candidate while respecting his personal and professional ambitions.

Indeed, as with environmental issues, the rising generation is looking for a sustainable quality of life, of which the monetary aspect is only one variable among many others. This is why we objectively present to our pool of candidates the advantages and alternatives of investing in their careers in large urban centers such as Montreal and its suburbs, including the North Shore. In this vision, we work as a trusted partner with companies by promoting career opportunities, regardless of the location sought by their employees.

A few statistics that speak volumes about the economic reality specific to the North Shore of Montreal.

According to studies by STM and Zins Beauchesne and Associates, presented at the April 2018 Mobility Forum:

– Congestion costs will grow by 175% from 2008 to 2021;
– For Laval and the North Shore, the annual loss of hours on the road will be 50 million, according to current data projected for 2021;
– And the cost of this congestion will reach $1.5 billion that year;
– 88% of the companies surveyed also report frequent employee delays due to transportation congestion;
– 71% of companies estimate that this congestion has an impact of 10% or more on their turnover.
Several initiatives are being studied to improve public transportation and offer other alternatives to people living in the suburbs and working on the Island of Montreal. As these will take years to implement, companies and candidates are invited to react to counter the unproductivity related to this phenomenon.

Suburban work alternative: a solution to consider

With new technologies, especially for accounting and finance functions, it is now quite possible for companies to offer their employees a work environment ‘minutes’ from home, as opposed to the hours of commuting time wasted in the downtown area. We can easily count on 20 to 25% productivity gain – immediate, for the resources that will make this choice – without counting their direct contribution to the reduction of the environmental footprint.

The alternative of working in the suburbs is therefore a ‘think it through’, which we support, in particular through our unique positioning as a responsible recruiter and the opening of this satellite office in Boisbriand.

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