Kenova : Your Proactive Ally to Achieve Success

Driven by the desire to transform recruitment in finance and accounting, Kenova ensures companies and candidates the success they deserve.

Our team of recruiters develop relationships by implementing creativity and method to employ professionals who can flourish and reach their full potential in the long term.

Organize Human Encounters Made to Last

Kenova’s primary mission is to organize lasting alliances between talents and their employer. Our team of experts finds the potential upstream to create meetings that meet the needs of both companies and candidates.

For us, skills are only the base, what really matters is the individual!

Our vision? Enable entrepreneurs to prosper and participate in the professional development of talents in this dynamic industry that is accounting and finance.

Values That Make the Difference


The Kenova team is ready to invest and put the necessary energy to create unique and lasting encounters.


Kenova always acts with transparency because our goal is to develop individual relationships in which trust is the key foundation.


We go beyond immediate needs to find real solutions. Kenova relies on successes made to last, grow, and innovate.

Our Pillars









Our Certification

To Ensure We Are Your Best Advisor

Kenova values professional relationships and is committed to providing its employees with a work environment where well-being and recognition prevail.

Our certification tools allow us to improve a daily companionship to our clients and candidates with detail in their search.

Respect for Diversity

Foster an Inclusive Approach

Human and caring, the Kenova team makes sure to set up a respectful, healthy, and egalitarian environment by focusing on openness, inclusion, and acceptance in all spheres of its recruitment support.

Join a Passionate and Innovative Team

Participate in the Revival of Recruitment with Us

Working with us means joining a team of ambitious, honest, and empathetic recruiters who make sure to guarantee companies, as well as candidates, long-lasting professional success.

Join our firm and participate in creating meaningful and long-lasting encounters!