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Our support, personalized to each employer’s needs, makes it possible to create lasting alliances between talents and companies wishing to fill positions quickly and efficiently. 

Kenova’s experienced recruiters ensure the hiring of professionals who will participate in your success, in addition to reaching their full potential with you.

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Our Professional Services

Assessing Your Needs for an Effective Recruiting Strategy

From the very beginning, our consultants are committed to listen to your needs and making sure they understand your real recruitment challenges while discovering your unique and distinctive employer’s profile. They can then provide you with the best recommendations and develop a recruitment strategy that is tailored to your context.

Distinctive Influence of Your Employer Brand Among Our Network of Professionals Has Been Increasing for the Past 15 Years

Our team knows how to enhance each unique feature of an employer brand to attract potential candidates. Moreover, our experts monitor daily the market trends in accounting and finance and maintain long-lasting relationships with the professionals they met over the years. We use the power of our network to make you better known and more visible in the market.

Research and Selection of the Best Candidacies on the Market

We can identify and adapt ourselves to your company’s specific reality. Our search methods are ethical and tailored to your needs and allow you to access candidates who would not otherwise be reachable.

Analysis and Targeted Selection of Candidates According to Your Key Criteria for a Durable Connection

We consider our collaborators’ time valuable. After several approaches and meetings, we only propose candidates who fulfill the required skills and personality traits and who are interested in your opening for the right reasons. Our services include reference taking, criminal and credit investigation, personality, skills testing (upon request), etc.

Facilitation of All Stages of the Recruitment Process Up to Your New Resource’s Integration

In the context of workforce scarcity, our solution-oriented consultative approach brings together the best of our expertise, and is offered throughout the collaboration process with our partners. Our services help employers provide attractive employment opportunities based on a competitive salary and based on a range of consistent and distinctive features. We plan strategies to minimize rejections, counteroffers, and potential lack of engagement.

Permanent or Contract Employee Position

Hire the Right Person

Our recruitment experts organize memorable meetings that allow companies and candidates to flourish, regardless of the type of position available.