Our recruitment partnerships

Partners at your fingertips

Kenova joins forces with a network of trusted partners in recruitment, coaching, marketing, HR and finance, to offer a complete range of services to its collaborators. 

Where Kenova is no longer the expert, we refer to our partners to fully satisfy the needs of our clients and professionals. 

Take advantage of the expertise of many seasoned entrepreneurs who adhere to the same values and work ethic as Kenova!

Our platform brings together

  • Recruitment firms for other sectors of activity
  • Coaching and professional development services
  • Companies in financial analysis and planning
  • Partners in the development of innovative solutions for SMEs
  • Companies in marketing, visibility or human resources departments
  • And more…

Find the perfect match!

Our team is here for you

Kenova’s experienced recruiters ensure the hiring of professionals who will not only contribute to your success, but also realize their full potential with you. 

Submit your offers and we’ll take care of finding the talent!