Redefining recruitment in accounting and finance

Montreal, Canada – April 2022

For over 15 years, Kerosene has been the emblematic leader in accounting and finance recruitment, proudly announcing its transformation into Kenova.

At the heart of this evolution is a deep commitment to uniqueness, authenticity and the creation of lasting partnerships, ushering in a new era of distinctive service that is revolutionizing industry standards.

A Strategic Transition to Kenova

Kerosene’s transition to Kenova goes far beyond a simple name change. It is the result of a deliberate desire to become a true catalyst for excellence, to reinvent itself while integrating a high level of social responsibility, to build sustainable relationships, and to depart from the conventional approach associated with kerosene. 

A Broader Vision for Kenova

Kenova embodies meaningful transformation, embracing a broader, impactful vision. As a facilitator of upliftment aimed at individual fulfillment, the company is committed to connecting its partners for long-term mutual benefit and guiding them to their full evolutionary potential, while ensuring consistency between their aspirations and reality. 

Highlighting Market Players

Kenova is committed, through its agile and robust processes, to highlighting the distinctive qualities of each customer and candidate, positioning itself as an ambassador dedicated to their success. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to create enduring bonds of trust, to transform lives, to safeguard businesses, and to have a positive impact on society. 

Revitalized Mission and Vision

Kenova’s mission is clear: to unite talent and employers for lasting impact by adapting to today’s rapidly evolving professional world. At the heart of the team, each collaboration embodies the passion and commitment to create alliances between skilled talent and dedicated employers, contributing to building a future where individual excellence and collective engagement come together for a happier world, at its best. 

Core Values

Kenova’s uniqueness lies in its remarkable ability to listen, adapt, and resolve each request with ingenuity. Kenova is committed to acting transparently in all circumstances, investing generously to offer a service that proactively responds to the specific needs of each individual. These principles of integrity and authenticity guide every action, every interaction, reinforcing our positioning as an expert partner in our field. 

Promise to Customers and Candidates

Kenova guarantees top-quality service, absolute transparency, and continuous adaptation to customer requirements. The team is committed to doing its utmost to support its clients and candidates with agility, ensuring success and fulfillment that last over time. 

Promise to Society

Going beyond its recruitment skills, Kenova is committed to equipping and encouraging the next generation. Actively involved in volunteer initiatives, the company aims to help each individual unlock their distinctive potential, inspiring the desire to contribute and make a meaningful impact on the world.