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Looking for a new opportunity?

October 3, 2022

Here are 5 useful and easy to use platforms that can help you greatly:

  • Glassdoor: You can find employee reviews of their companies and compare the conditions offered with those of the market. It is undeniably a useful tool when you are wondering about a company’s work environment.
  • LinkedIn: You can develop your network, discover their section dedicated to job offers and search by skills, titles, locations, etc.
  • ComptaFinance : The best choice for all professionals looking for a job in the field of accounting and finance in Quebec. Many jobs are posted there every day!
  • Indeed : It’s a must! You can quickly create your resume and upload it from the application. You will be able to search by preference filters and in one click submit your application.
  • Upwork : Ideal platform for freelancers. You will find thousands of jobs listed to simplify the connection between employers and consultants looking for opportunities.

If you would like to have personalized support and other options, there is another possibility: work with a Kenova consultant who will undoubtedly be able to guide you in your job search!

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