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Marie-Ève Cloutier appointed President and CEO of Kerosene

April 14, 2021

April 14, 2021

Kerosene andekosystem-e are pleased to announce the appointment of Marie-Ève Cloutier as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Kerosene, Responsible Recruitment.

As Executive Director of Kerosene, Marie-Ève Cloutier has played a central role in the firm’s growth. His dedication to the common good of Kerosene has resulted in a number of initiatives to strengthen the corporate culture and values, to create synergies and to develop the full potential of the team.

“We are very proud to have a talent who grew up internally take the helm at Kerosene,” said the founding partner Luc Vincent: “During her eight years at Kerosene, Marie-Ève has contributed to the success of hundreds of local companies. Her human values have enabled us to achieve the best results in our history. I am confident that this appointment will highlight her exceptional business talent.

“Great ambitions never happen alone,” shared Marie-Ève Cloutier on her vision of leadership as she takes on this new role. “When everyone decides to contribute their talents for the common good, the results achieved are exponentially enhanced, beyond any mathematical prediction. The role of the leader is to inspire each individual and each team to generously offer their full potential for the benefit of a positive impact, much bigger than themselves; this is what I hope to accomplish in my new role.”

For the development of local professional talent

Guy Adam, formerly vice president and general manager at Kerosene, is promoted to vice president and chief operating officer for ekosystem-e. He joins a team of five people, led by Luc Vincent. The mission of ekosystem-e is to develop Quebec’s professional talent by coaching entrepreneurs who wish to launch their own boutique firm in the various fields of recruitment.

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About Kerosene, responsible recruitment

Kerosene, co-founded in 2006 by Luc Vincent, has joined forces with a team of some twenty professionals with various backgrounds and experiences (accounting, finance, marketing, administration and human resources). This diversity of expertise has propelled Kerosene to the top of the profession and made it an essential reference in the field of recruitment.

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