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Congratulations – Véronique Gauthier-Galardo appointed as Senior Advisor

6 May 2021

It is with great joy and pride that we announce the appointment of Véronique Gauthier-Galardo, CHRP, as Senior Consultant at Kerosene Recruitment!

Welcomed to the team right after her master’s degree in IR in 2019, Veronique never ceases to impress us with her ability to grow beautifully and quickly! ⚡

Recruiting is like second nature to her; from the very first weeks, she has been able to tap into many natural qualities and talents that lead her day after day to live ⭐Professional Excellence!👌

✔️ V-ive mind in its great ability to learn!
✔️ É-thic when making decisions!
✔️ R-esponsible and trustworthy!
✔️ O-open-minded with a thirst for adventure and travel.
✔️ N-uanced, but very convincing in debates
✔️ I-ntuitive and quick to action to get a project done!
✔️ Q-ualified (reference person) in recruitment!
✔️ U-nique and faithful in her devotion to those she helps!
✔️ Rising star that amazes us every day!!!

Congratulations on all your great achievements, you greatly deserve your evolutionary success!

With much love from the whole team!🧡

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