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Business Partner in Change Management

An ideal opportunity for a professional, collaborative, autonomous, proactive and communicative person. Reporting to the…

7 December 2023


An ideal opportunity for a confident, motivated, interested, respectful, organized person who has a strong…

10 November 2023

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Our values: Generosity The Kenova team is fully and passionately committed! She offers her time…

6 November 2023

Accounting Technician

An ideal opportunity for a collaborative, meticulous and analytical person. Join a friendly team in…

6 November 2023

Director of Leadership Programs

An ideal opportunity for someone who is communicative, collaborative, versatile, organized, charismatic, professional, committed, curious…

6 November 2023

Vice-President – Counterparty Credit Analyst – Financial Institution

An ideal opportunity for someone who is experienced, autonomous, curious, analytical, committed, collaborative and passionate….

6 November 2023