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How do you recover from a mistake at work?

October 3, 2022

While making mistakes helps us learn and grow, no one wants to put their reputation or job on the line.


Perhaps you missed a deadline or arrived unprepared for a presentation?

In any case, acknowledging the mistake without taking responsibility and making sure that the situation is fixed would be the right way to go.

Here are 7 tips to help you get back on track with pride!

1. Don’t panic: It’s perfectly normal to feel embarrassed, ashamed, disappointed or worried. Accept what has happened, step back for a moment and remain calm. This will prevent you from making other mistakes that could make the problem worse.

2. Take ownership: Look at the situation from an unbiased perspective. When we admit our mistakes, we open the doors to learning and becoming a better version of ourselves.

3. Correct your mistake and apologize: If there is a way to correct your mistake, do so immediately. If your mistake has affected others, rather than avoiding the reality of what has happened, it is better to take responsibility. Be brief and to the point, inform those affected of the incident that occurred and apologize. After all, common courtesy suggests that we apologize for our mistakes.

4. Find a solution: Compose yourself as much as you want, but remember that there is still an error to correct. Going a step further by determining what should be done differently next time to avoid future mistakes will also show your ability to take initiative. If you don’t know what to do, just be honest and ask your supervisor or colleagues for help.

5. Keep in mind: Most mistakes can be corrected. You will have an excellent opportunity to learn valuable lessons from the mistake you made and how you went about correcting it.

6. Enjoy the journey: Did you know that mistakes can actually stimulate creativity and innovation? People who are able to take risks in a safe environment will not necessarily achieve success on every try, but will inevitably make discoveries along the way that, as a whole, will benefit the entire organization. Believe it or not, one person’s small mistake now can lead to huge success later.

7. Remember that to err is human: no one is perfect. Rest assured, you are not the only, the first or even the last person in the workplace to have made a mistake. Realize your mistakes, eliminate any negative talk, and then learn from it. The mistakes you make will not ruin your career, but the way you react to them will certainly characterize your personality.

Since you are starting a new job, it is even more stressful to make a mistake.

On the other hand, it is the perfect opportunity to learn and adapt to your new environment with the understanding support of your team.

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