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Discover the DISC test: An Essential Tool to Help You Define Your Professional Journey

May 3, 2024

Have you heard about the DISC behavioral test?  

It’s a personality assessment that reveals how our personal characteristics influence the way we work and interact in the workplace. The DISC approach can also be very useful when it comes to choosing a new workplace with responsibilities, and an organizational culture that matches our natural preferences.

Let’s dive into how this model can guide us towards a more fulfilling career that is aligned with our true self.  

The DISC test is a personality model developed from William Marston’s theory, which analyzes human behavior in terms of how we perceive and react to our environment. It identifies four main behavioral dimensions:   

  • Dominant (D): results-oriented, D personalities are generally confident and enterprising, problem-solving oriented, open to conflict and able to give direction.   
  • Influential (I): focused on relationships & networking, I profiles are sensitive to atmosphere, open to emotions, communicative, influential, flexible and intuitive.   
  • Stable (S): Support-oriented, S profiles are at the service of others, understanding and patient, with empathetic listening skills. They seek harmony, and distinguish themselves by their consistency and loyalty.  
  • Conscientious (C): detail & quality-oriented, C profiles are cautious, analytical, logical, rigorous, and very good at critical thinking. 

Based on:

* We are rarely limited to a single personality dimension; personalities are complex. However, it is interesting to recognize the behavioral dimension(s) that are predominant in each one of us, in order to better position ourselves.  

Based on your natural preferences according to DISC, we recommend that you assess the characteristics of each corporate culture you consider joining. Make sure that both your role and the organizational culture are in line with your personality in order to make the most of your areas of natural strength.   

If you have a predominantly Dominant profile, be sure to identify these factors in the organization you’re considering :  

  • Ambitious goals  
  • Growth prospects  
  • Autonomy and latitude in your role  
  • Action and efficiency-oriented work style 

If you have a predominantly Influencer profile, be sure to identify these factors in the organization you’re considering :    

  • Fun, team-building activities, as part of a dynamic team   
  • Innovative projects, change, creative opportunities  
  • A role that allows you to communicate most of the time  
  • Recognition and the ability to shine (have a certain prestige) 

If you have a predominantly Stable profile, be sure to identify these factors in the organization you’re considering : 

  • Honesty, authenticity, attentiveness and benevolence on the part of managers  
  • A secure environment that allows you to invest in the long term  
  • The ability to structure and plan your work  
  • The opportunity to work with small groups 

If you have a predominantly Conscientious profile, be sure to identify these factors in the organization you’re considering :    

  • Valuing quality and precision  
  • Having the time to do your job well, without always being disturbed  
  • Leadership that makes sensible, well-justified decisions  
  • Clarity of rules and processes 

By recognizing the aspects of a corporate culture that resonates with your personality, you maximize your chances of success and job satisfaction.  

Take the time to reflect on these concepts during your next job search or career assessment. Your ideal career path starts with a deep understanding of yourself.  

At Kenova, we provide free tools to help you make informed decisions. Please contact your recruitment consultant for more information.   

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