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Multi-generations: an asset for a company?

7 October 2022

In 2022, a typical business in Quebec will be multi-generational. Today, dynasties find pleasure in collaborating within the same company.


At Kenova, this reality is an integral part of our daily life. We firmly believe that these differences in skills, experience and ideas bring a rich diversity to our team and our people.

The beginnings of such a success?

  • The values conveyed internally are coherent
  • Trust and mutual admiration reign between us
  • We put our ego aside and make room for humility
  • We open our minds and seek to learn continuously from each other
  • We respect our differences and try to find common solutions

Thank you to all these generations who know how to bring together in one culture qualities such as: loyalty, interpersonal skills and autonomy while being comfortable with new technologies, diversity, risk-taking and work-life balance.

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