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Post-interview email, topical or not?

3 October 2022

Writing a few lines of thanks after an interview is an excellent way to demonstrate your motivation. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism through the quality of your writing and the words you use.


✔️ Be specific and concise

✔️ Personalize your email

✔️ Express your appreciation for the time the recruiter and/or manager gave you

✔️ Demonstrate your willingness to provide further clarification on some of the items discussed, if needed

✔️ Share 2-3 reasons why you are interested in the position, team, organizational values, company culture, etc.)


❌ Use overly familiar language

❌ Making spelling mistakes in your text

❌ Demonstrate your questioning (this is not the time)

❌ Share the things you didn’t like about the meeting (talk to your Kenova Recruitment Consultant instead)

❌ Send a text message instead of an email (unless it is to your Kenova Advisor or the employer is texting you directly. In the latter case, be sure to keep it professional)

In conclusion, following up after an interview is still a good practice when done well. Be aware that if this email is poorly designed, it can hurt your application.

To avoid any fatal errors, we strongly recommend that you go through your Kenova recruiting expert who will be able to pass on your comments to the potential employer in an appropriate manner. He/She will know how to make you shine at your true value!

To alleviate this concern, please know that the Kenova team welcomes all your comments with open arms, we appreciate knowing you better and this allows us to advise you better.

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