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During an interview, you’ll be asked the inevitable question: Why do you want to join our company?

7 October 2022

Between the lines, we ask you why you are interested in the company’s culture, what motivates you to work with the teams and why the job description appealed to you.

Here are four points to address in order to have a complete answer:

  • Learn more about the company: visit their website, express your interest in their mission and industry, read about their current or future projects, explain how their values match yours, and demonstrate your interest in their culture and work environment.
  • Demonstrate your interest in the role: summarize what you understand about the role and its expectations, while making as many similarities as possible with your professional background.
  • Describe why you will be an asset to the team: Highlight your technical and interpersonal strengths (always related to the role and company) that will make you a unique contributor to the team.
  • Explain what you will learn in this role: Every new position comes with challenges and learning. Explain what skills you would like to develop or expand upon with your future team members.

Key tips: Be specific, concise and illustrate your points with concrete examples.

Preparing yourself before an interview is essential, it will demonstrate your motivation and credibility for the desired position!

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