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Diversity and Inclusion: Key Pillars for Attracting and Retaining Talent  

February 21, 2024

A company committed to diversity and inclusion can consider many aspects, such as generational differences, complementary personality profiles and cultural diversities, for a holistic impact. Maximizing the richness of diversity implies an understanding of individual aspirations, as well as the ability to radiate these elements through its employer brand in order to attract sought-after candidates. 

1. Appreciating Generational Diversity : Valuing generational diversity is an interesting approach to building a reputable employer brand

A 2019 study highlights that active management of generational diversity is key to driving both innovation and employee engagement within organizations (1). By embracing this diversity, organizations not only solidify the sustainability of their business, or strengthen their brand image; they also cultivate an open and innovative workplace. It is therefore essential to understand the specific expectations of each generation:  

Generation Z (born after 1997)  

To attract tech-savvy and trend-savvy individuals, who are versatile and adaptable to change in an entrepreneurial environment, your employer brand needs to emphasize your flexibility and openness when it comes to work from home, diversity & inclusion, and your open, collaborative and innovative – not to mention progressive – culture. 

Generation Y (Millennials born between 1981 and 1996)

To attract the creative minds of Generation Y, skilled in innovation, collaboration and adaptability to technology, you’ll want to emphasize the importance of work-life balance in your employer brand. Offer opportunities for evolution, for continuous learning, and make sure every role has a real positive impact, reinforcing the meaning of work. Assert a “Why” and strong human values, while demonstrating your commitment to sustainable and social development.  

Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980)  

To strengthen your teams with a broader range of experience, the contribution of Generation X employees is invaluable. Their solid background enables them to offer important support through coaching and mentoring more junior employees. This generation is characterized by its resilience and ability to rise to challenges, qualities that are important for a company’s stability and longevity. To attract these professionals, focus on an offer that promises professional stability, growth opportunities, recognition based on individual performance, as well as benefits such as a wellness program, for example. 

Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) 

To further solidify your business, the Baby Boomer generation can be a recruitment solution for a period of a few years or as a consultant. They have a wealth of experience, often associated with the wisdom to make decisions, and a great deal of knowledge to pass on thanks to their life experience. Close to retirement or already retired, they appreciate the more flexible and lighter work schedule, benefits, RRSPs, as well as being recognized for their experience and loyalty. 

The fundamental skill for success in building an employer brand lies in the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, thus demonstrating the ability to meet the diverse expectations of each generation.  

2. Personality Diversity in a Team : The diversity in personality profiles, illustrated by the four principal axis of DISC (Dominant, Influential, Stable, Conscientious), proves to be highly relevant in balancing the strengths of your teams.

Each personality profile can be valuable depending on the specific needs of your recruiting role, as well as your organizational context and culture.   

How to attract the four principal axes of personality according to DISC?  

  • Behavioral profiles with a strong Dominant axis are attracted by ambitious goals, latitude, the ability to take action and the possibilities of advancement.  
  • Profiles with a strong Influent axis seek to be in touch and in communication with a large number of people, to have the opportunity to innovate and bathe in new trends, to have fun on a daily basis and to have flexibility.   
  • Profiles with a natural preference for Stable behaviors, want authenticity, benevolence, and a certain job security as they are loyal and the possibility of following or implementing organized procedures.   
  • Conscientious profiles are attracted by high quality requirements, having the time to concentrate and produce quality, while having responsibilities requiring analysis. 

The diversity in personality strengths enhances a dynamic and innovative corporate culture, where each individual makes a unique contribution to the achievement of common goals. Integrating versatility and complementarity into teams therefore becomes a major asset for any successful company. For more information on this subject, contact us at Kenova as we offer DISC personality tests, enabling you to get to know the people you hire.    

3. Cultural Diversity : Recruiting and integrating a variety of cultures within a company is an invaluable strength as they bring varied and innovative perspectives to the challenges we face.

At Kenova, for example, more than half of our team members come from various cultural backgrounds, and we find that this incredibly enriches our day-to-day work!

Overall, attracting cultural diversity into your organization will increase open-mindedness, encourage your teams to question established norms and discover new approaches. By exploring different points of view, companies are better equipped to choose solutions adapted to their sometimes-complex contexts. Collaborating with different cultures stimulates creativity and curiosity, fosters adaptability and offers a wealth of ideas and strategies that would not be possible in a homogeneous environment. In short, cultural diversity is a driver of innovation and excellence, essential for long-lasting business success.  

To attract a diverse range of talent, we recommend that you actively promote diversity and inclusion in your communications, use a variety of recruitment channels, create partnerships with organizations supporting diversity, and highlight inclusive policies or international mobility opportunities. 

In a nutshell, by understanding generational expectations, attracting a diversified range of personalities, highlighting cultural diversity and ensuring transparent communication, you will enhance your company’s appeal when recruiting. Long-lasting success comes from a strong employer brand and coherent collaboration between these various diversity axes, offering you significant added value.  

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