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We are celebrating our Director’s 6th anniversary!

19 July 2019

We recently celebrated the 6th anniversary of our Senior Director, Marie-Ève Cloutier, at Kerosene.

For the occasion, we decided to select Marie-Ève on the site ! Following the interview with the Bonboss, It was obvious that our Director met all their criteria: a good listener, the ability to share a vision and values, to foster a sense of equity and fairness among employees, and to believe in and be involved in the development of each employee!

Congratulations, Marie-Ève, you deserve it!

At, we’re on a mission to change the world of work one good boss at a time. We strive to value each boss who makes a difference in companies from all industries, to represent them humanely, to propagate the best practices that contribute to wellness because a happy employee is a man or woman who is well in life and thus the whole society benefits.

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