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Optimize Your Strategic Planning 

January 22, 2024

Have you heard the famous quote by Mark Zuckerberg that says if we don’t create what will kill our business, someone else will? 

As headhunting specialists, we have the privilege of following our clients in their annual strategic recruitment planning, and what we find is that every year is unique. Financial and human resources managers need to develop plans that are as precise as possible, while remaining agile enough to adapt to a constantly changing day-to-day reality. 
In the lines that follow, you will discover the guiding principles of three complementary models that help to structure the year efficiently while preserving flexibility to ensure stable, sustainable performance. 

  • The OKR System, which facilitates the division of responsibilities between management and employees. 
  • The BSC (Balanced Scorecard) model, a strategic management framework that goes beyond traditional financial indicators. 
  • The Vision Board, which offers a more creative perspective on planning, stimulating innovation and collective commitment. 

1. The OKR System (Objectives and Key Results)

What could be more appropriate than team members responsible for their results, while being committed to fostering growth that exceeds them! It’s often the employees in the field who are best placed to find solutions that are adapted to the issues at hand, taking account of the context. 
Here’s how the system establishes everyone’s roles.

The management team:

  • Defines the vision and overall strategic objectives 
  • Communicates and ensures ongoing alignment 
  • Support 

Employees and teams: 

  • Define sub-objectives and key results 
  • Plan and execute 
  • Self-assess each quarter 
  • Agilely adjust based on results and lessons learned 

In summary, the OKR system helps distribute responsibilities within the organization and elevate each member to be fully part of the solution. A mobilizing system that generates motivation!

2. The BSC (Balanced Scorecard) model 

This holistic model fits very well with the first, as it includes all organizational perspectives such as those related to customer satisfaction, internal processes, organizational learning, financial results, marketing, etc. At Kenova, we apply this formula through our various committees. 

The key steps:

  • Define clear objectives for each department, committee or project 
  • Establish priorities with your teams and monitor performance monthly 
  • Implement and monitor developments periodically and redirect as needed 
  • Communicate transparently throughout the year 

3. The Vision Board

This approach offers a more creative and visual orientation for defining and achieving collective goals. The method is rather intuitive and stimulates the imagination while strengthening motivation. By associating images or words with team member aspirations, alignment and commitment to goals is much more natural.  

Here are some steps: 

  • Visual brainstorming session: each participant selects images and words related to the general objective of the organization and adds them to a common collection. 
  • Voting and Ranking: Encourage team members to vote or rank images and words based on their perceived importance. This allows for active involvement of each participant in the prioritization process. 
  • Collaborative discussion: Hold an in-depth discussion about the choices made. Ask members to share their views on the selected items and justify their choices. This step promotes mutual understanding and alignment of perspectives. 
  • Establishing priorities: Based on the results of the vote and discussions, establish a list of priorities by identifying the most important or consensual elements. This will direct attention to the crucial actions to be taken to achieve collective goals. 

The Vision Board is very effective in environments that need to step outside of their usual framework to innovate, because the activity stimulates the imagination and reinforces the feeling of belonging, while encouraging organizational commitment. 

These tools aim to ensure stable and sustainable performance, guiding companies in proactive strategic planning of their recruitment while adapting annually to the market and changing needs. 

Combine them: the OKR System for the distribution of responsibilities, the BSC for complete strategic management, and the Vision Board to stimulate innovation in your teams! 

Happy planning! 
The Kenova team

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